Designing an onshore polymer flooding project is often easier than offshore; in the latter case, it is compulsory to optimize the equipment footprint to fit the space available and load limits of the FPSO (Floating Production Storage Offloading) or a platform. Furthermore, logistics are important when transporting large volumes of products either in powder or liquid form. Polymer in emulsion form is easier to handle offshore when the local weather conditions are particularly unfavorable (North Sea for instance). Since it does not require specific dissolution and maturation units, the inversion is made on the fly and the solution can be readily injected into the reservoir. When the conditions are more favorable, polymer in powder form is cheaper to implement.

Indeed, the active matter content of the emulsion is 50% to 70% lower than the powder form and suffers from an incremental cost per unit, which means that larger quantities of commercial products are handled to reach the same target viscosity.

SNF is particularly focused on the supply chain and polymer packaging to ensure economical and efficient delivery of the products used in the oil & gas industry. Some examples are given below, with some cases specifically related to EOR applications where large volumes are considered.


Emulsion packaging and logistics



Powder packaging and logistics