SNF provides a complete range of services and equipment through the EOR engineering and fabrication group. Major EOR fabrication centers are located at our polymer plants in Andrezieux, France and Midway, GA, USA. Self-contained units for pilots up to complete turn-key systems for full field projects are fabricated by SNF.  



Conceptual studies


Conceptual studies to evaluate technical feasibility, CAPEX budget, facilities and logistics during the planning phase  are done. Various options for polymer storage, dissolution and injection are considered and the process description is provided. Logistics options, basic costs and high level planning are also given. The following are provided in a conceptual study:

  • Process description
  • Process flow diagram for polymer storage, preparation and injection
  • Mass balance
  • Equipment list
  • Estimated power consumption
  • General layout and space requirement
  • Operating & control philosophy
  • Material selection report
  • Schedule for fabrication of polymer facilities
  • Identification of long lead items
  • Supply chain description
  • SNF vendor list
  • Cost estimation of facilities (±30%)
  • Comparison of various options and SNF recommendations



Detailed Design


SNF has a full complement of engineers with a high level of experience in polymer flooding, project management, process and mechanical engineering, piping, instrumentation, automation and chemistry. For specialized disciplines such as civil engineering and pipelines, SNF works with consultants familiar with local field regulations. Attention is focused on HSE issues, ergonomic reviews, and local regulations in accordance with the operators’ policy.



Injectivity Tests


SNF can provide equipment, polymer, and field service for injectivity tests. The response to a range of polymer viscosities and injection rates is determined to confirm the target viscosity and the polymer product selection. The following are provided for an injectivity test:

  • Standalone polymer mixing and injection units
  • Crew to operate the unit and run basic viscosity measurements
  • Supply of polymer and other chemicals



Pilot and full field equipment


As soon as polymer selection and injection parameters have been validated, the next step of the project can considerer either a continuous pilot injection or directly a full field development. This is really the core business of SNF EOR engineering department, which proposes either skid mounted units (for pilot or small size full field projects) built in SNF partners’ workshops or field erected plants (for large pilot or full field projects), where equipment is sent and assembled at site.



Equipment selection


Based on its long experience in polymer flooding, SNF defines, selects and implements equipment with proven efficiency and robustness.

Due to polymer shear sensitivity, specific attention must be paid to the equipment handling the polymer solution, such as low pressure transfer pumps, tanks agitators, high pressure injection pumps, static mixers… Facilities should also be engineered to minimize oxygen ingress that can lead to polymer degradation in presence of contaminants such as iron or hydrogen sulfide.

In the past, when hydrating powder with conventional systems such as eductors, many challenges and shortcomings were encountered.

In response, SNF has designed and patented specific dissolution equipment, called Floquip PSUTM. This piece of equipment has quickly become a standard in EOR applications in the USA and Canada.



Manufacturing – Construction


To limit costly activities in field, SNF develops units with mounted on stand-alone structures (either closed or opened). These structures are then shipped and installed at site.

Manufacturing and especially welding can be carried out following different construction standards: ASME, API, and DIN…

If construction and installation activities are part of the scope, SNF subcontracts local construction companies which have the knowledge of the country.



Commissioning, Training, Quality Control and Operation


Following installation of the facilities at the field site, SNF engineers and technicians perform the startup and commissioning in accordance with the operators’ specifications. In addition to the facilities startup, polymer solution samples are analyzed for viscosity, filter ratio, hydration and polymer concentration in order to optimize the system.

Theoretical and practical training is provided for facility operation and maintenance, and laboratory and quality control procedures. Upon completion of the start-up and commissioning the system is handed over to the operator. SNF can also provide ongoing supervision of the operations or even full operation and maintenance of the facilities.