SNF produces a range of more than 1050 products and launches approximately 100 new polymer products each year from laboratory synthesis to full scale production. Engineering and R&D can move quickly from customer concepts or problems to lab trials to large scale production. Through integration of the various groups new product development from laboratory synthesis through the application chain up to the injection equipment and surface facilities is accomplished quickly.



Due to the unique nature of each oilfield, polymer chemistry must be optimized for field conditions. Injectivity, sweep efficiency, retention, and compatibility with the water and other chemicals have to be studied. In some cases, a formulation of polymer with protective additives is necessary to maintain viscosity and to ensure an optimal performance.

SNF has conducted more than 50 field specific studies for customers in the last few years. These include studies of polymer molecular weight, physical form, concentration, inversion systems as well as functional monomers and polymers with protective additives against iron, oxygen, and, H2S. These studies require close cooperation between SNF and the operator and involve medium to long term evaluation of polymer behavior at reservoir conditions. In some cases this includes SNF expertise in polymer synthesis.

With two research centers dedicated to Oil & gas applications (Andrézieux, France and Riceboro, USA), SNF can help in the screening and qualification processes in the following areas:

  • Polymer synthesis and characterization
  • Monomer selection & integration
  • Polymer selection
  • Rheology
  • Filter ratio
  • Long-term thermal stability
  • Core flooding (for qualification purposes only)
  • Flow loops
  • Mixing and inversion
  • Compatibility with production chemicals
  • Quality control (HPLC, GC, viscosity, etc)




Yard Testing


SNF has a large scale facilities yard to test parameters related to polymer processing in realistic field conditions. Typical tests include polymer dissolution and emulsion inversion units, flow loops, inline viscometers, portable injection units, static mixers and shear analysis of wellhead equipment. All systems required for polymer processing or handling can be quickly tested at SNF with the help of skilled technicians that know how to handle all aspects of polymer.

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