Economic drilling of oil wells requires critical properties of the drilling fluids. Many specific requirements are placed on these fluids to achieve multiple purposes, such as:

  • Carrying cuttings from the drill bit to the surface and permit their separation
  • Cool and clean drill bit
  • Reduce the friction between the drill string and the sides of the wellbore
  • Prevent the inflow of formation fluids such as gas, oil or water
  • Maintain stability of the uncased sections of the borehole
  • Form a thin and impermeable filter cake layer which seals formation and prevents fluid loss
  • Assist in data collection and interpretation of well logs


SNF produces a wide range of polymers for water-based drilling fluid systems. Each series of polymer meets one or several requirements such as fluid loss control, viscosity improvement and shale inhibition. These polymers are produced in a variety of forms, molecular weights and compositions for specific applications. For example the same partially hydrolyzed polyacrylamide (PHPA) can be used to provide viscosity or thixotropic behavior, drag reduction or fluid loss properties to the fluid.


SNF drilling fluid polymers encompass these areas:

  • Shale Inhibitors (anti-clay swelling agents)
  • Viscosifiers
  • Bentonite Extenders
  • Fluid loss control agents for mud and cement
  • Scale Inhibitors


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