New technologies

SNF is a private company with a global presence strategically focused on growth in water soluble polymers. In order to provide the large volumes required for the fast growing Oil & Gas markets, investment for additional production capacity of monomers and polymers remains a major focus. New technologies are created in our state of the art research center to improve the limits of polymer applications and to help customers operate faster, safer and more economically.


High temperature resistant polymers

SNF research has focused on improving polymer thermal stability up to greater than up to 120°C resulting in the Superpusher SAV Series. These are terpolymers containing N-Vinyl-Pyrrolidone that can sustain high temperatures and are efficient even in high salinity brines.


Amount of functional monomers

Max. temperature

Superpusher SAV 37



Superpusher SAV 225



Superpusher SAV 10



Superpusher SAV 333





Salt resistant polymers

Flocomb polymers have been developed for use in harsh conditions, specifically for high salinity brines. In solutions containing high levels of hardness the polymer molecules can coil up and precipitate causing a loss of viscosity and formation plugging. The Flocomb Series was created as a remedy for these cases.



Flocomb C6200 series

Medium to high

Flocomb C6500  series

Medium to high

Flocomb C6700 series


Flocomb C7025




Flocomb polymers yield higher viscosity compared to standard HPAM, especially in very saline brines ( salinity 130 g/l, divalents=7 g/l, T=40°C, polymer concentration =  2000 ppm).


Inline viscometer

Viscosity is the key factor for a successful polymer flood and it must be maintained from the initial dissolution, through the surface equipment, and as it travels through the reservoir. Therefore, a reliable method is required to monitor it at various points along the dissolution, dilution, mixing and injection lines. This equipment must take into account the polymer solution characteristics among which are non-Newtonian behavior and sensitivity to mechanical shear and chemical degradation.

The patented Floquip VDH inline viscometer™ is a patented device designed to continuously measure the viscosity of polymer solution on the surface before it is injected into the reservoir. Viscosity is measured at a low shear rate indicative of actual reservoir flow rates. The Floquip VDH allows stable and accurate viscosity measurements without degradation. The device has been designed to solve the common problems encountered with currently available commercial equipment. It allows operators to gather reliable data inline instead of the manual sampling methods that are difficult to conduct without degrading the polymer solution.