Oil & Gas

Be the world ’s preeminent producer of water-soluble polymers for the Oil & Gas industry.



Polymer flooding consists in injecting viscous water into a subterranean formation in order to improve the sweep efficiency and to provide a mobility control between water and hydrocarbons.

Letter from the Chairman & CEO

Since its creation in 1978, SNF has always followed the same long-term organic development strategy based on the following principles:
• Industrial international development with large regional manufacturing units,
• Local service approach either directly or through partners,
• Sustained investment in the research and development of new products and of new applications,
• Permanent commitment towards training and motivation of employees,
• Continued improvement of the environmental footprint of products, applications and production processes.

Since the beginning, SNF reinvests the vast majority of its financial resources in the expansion of its production capacity with a view to follow market growth and to reduce production costs. This strategy has enabled SNF to become the worldwide leader of its industry and it will be pursued in the future.

Pascal REMY, Chairman & CEO



Research and Development

Each day, SNF research laboratories develop new products and processes to meet the many different needs of its industrial customers.
SNF’s ability to answer quickly to the new technical problems is at the very heart of its world-wide development.